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White Oak PH Church exists to cultivate true worshippers for the body of Christ. We believe when men and women experience true liberty in Christ, they will discover their purpose and glorify God. 

Visions & Values

About us

Founded in 1978 in Wilson, NC, White Oak Pentecostal Holiness is a vision-led church with a passion for making a difference in its community. For 30-plus years we have made an impact through ministry and outreach. Our goal is to inspire and cultivate "true worshippers" (John 4:23) of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The foundation of our church is the Word of God, and our mission is to reach out beyond our walls into the world and provide an atmosphere where Jesus is magnified, and God is glorified. 


We pray that the Lord will make our house a place where people serve one another according to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, where spiritual gifts, passions, talents, and experiences are a part of how we serve the needs of others inside and outside of our church family.  


​We pray that the Lord will make our house a place where His church matters to its community and makes a visible, tangible difference on behalf of Christ. ​


We pray that the Lord will make our house a place where the body of Christ celebrates changed lives, cultivates an atmosphere of freedom to grow and serve, and empowers people with the boldness to do so.​

Our Core Values 

Found people find people


we do life better together


Saved people serve people


Growing people change


Worship is a lifestyle


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